Welcome to the Dolcini Ranching grass-fed beef online shop. Here you can reserve your own premium hand selected grass-fed beef. All of our grass-fed beef is raised on our ranch located just outside of Petaluma, on the border between Sonoma and Marin County.

Bulk Pricing


 $/Carcass Weight


Avg. Total Cost

Avg. Price/lb

Avg. lbs of Edible Meat

Quarter Beef (mixed)





126 lbs.

Half Beef





252 lbs.

Whole Beef





504 lbs.

*Avg. carcass weights are as follows: Quarter Beef – 180 lbs.  Half Beef – 360 lbs.  Whole Beef – 720 lbs.

*All bulk information is calculated assuming a 1200 lb. live weight steer.      **Weights and prices may vary**

Freezer Space Needed:

  • Quarter  –  4 +   cubic feet
  • Half         –  8 +   cubic feet
  • Whole     –  16 + cubic feet

* 1 cubic foot = 1ft. long x 1ft. high x 1ft. deep  (A good example is a milk crate)

Beef Orders:

  • 20-25% steaks
  • 20-25% roasts
  • 40-45% ground beef
  • 10-15% short ribs, stew meat, etc

Types of Cuts

Types of Cuts Included  (you might not receive every single one of these cuts)

Top Sirloin

Tri-Tip Eye of Round Short Ribs Ground
New York Top Round Chuck Roast Stew Meat Bones
Ribeye Bottom Round Cross-Rib Roast Flank Steak Offal
T-Bone London Broil Pot Roast Skirt Steak  

Once you place an order with us, we will first make sure that there are enough people to share a whole beef. If not, you may be on a waiting list until this occurs. You will receive an email from us within 24 hours to notify you of the estimated time to process your order.

Once we harvest your grass-fed beef we will let it hang for about 2 weeks. This allows the meat to age and adds to flavor and tenderness. When it becomes ready, the butcher cuts and packages the meat. It may take up to a total of 3 weeks before the meat is ready for pickup from the butcher shop.

We send our beef to Bud’s Custom Meats in Penngrove, CA, or Willowside Meats in Santa Rosa, CA. If you order a half or whole beef, you have the option to customize your cut and wrap. Bud’s or Willowside will contact you directly about this. Quarters will be cut and wrapped to a standard method by the butcher shop.

The cut and wrap fees listed above are estimates. The fees may vary depending on the size of the animal, and therefore the quantity of meat. Once the meat is ready, it can be picked up directly from Bud’s or Willowside. Payment for the cut and wrap is due separately to the butcher shop upon pickup of your meat.

Your order may include bones and offal (heart, liver, tongue, oxtail and cheeks). Please remember you are sharing your beef with other customers, so you may not receive all of these items.

Still have questions about ordering? Check out our FAQ page.